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Microservices Certifications Path

A Microservices Certification is a great addition to your CV and knowledge. Most of the enterprises are making a shift from their legacy, monolithic applications by building / re-engineering those applications using the Microservices architecture.

By getting certified, you’re not only able to validate your skills but you’ll also give yourself a competitive edge when it comes to progressing in your career. Plus, you’ll be armed with the skills and experience to take on some exciting Microservices projects at well-known organizations.

At Modern Solution Hub, we have global IT experts who can guide in your Microservices learning journey.

In this section, we take a look at the Microservices certifications path: which certifications are right for you, what experience you’ll need, recommended courses and study guides, costs, and more.

What is a Microservices certification?

Microservices certification allows you to validate your technical knowledge and expertise of the Microservices architecture.

Certification exams cover a wide range of experience levels, starting from absolute beginner all the way through to expert level exams that will challenge even those who have been working with Microservices for many years.

After passing a Certification exam you are awarded a badge that can be shared on your LinkedIn profile, CV, or anywhere you choose.

Why get Microservices certified ?

Microservices Certifications rank consistently among the highest paid IT certifications worldwide. Microservices is gaining a strong foothold in the IT industry especially with Cloud native applications gaining popularity across all industries. IT professionals who gained a new certification have very high chances of getting a high salary job. 61% of professionals agreed that certification improved the quality of their work.

By gaining Microservices certification, you open yourself up to more job opportunities, better salary, and greater weight within your role.

It is also beneficial for employers to have their employees get certification, equating to real dollar value-add for the team and better credentials to showcase when canvassing for new clients.

Finally, Microservices certifications are a validation of a specific skill set and give you, as well as your employer, the confidence to utilize Microservices and all the benefits it brings.

4-In-1 Benefits

  • Better – Help you to decide what is better for you 
  • Faster – Provide pathway to get a faster outcome 
  • Cheaper – with affordable low-cost expert guidance & services 
  • Easier – making everything easy for you

Career prospects after Microservices certification

Microservices certification is designed to give you an edge in your career. If you’re up against a similar candidate who doesn’t have certification for a new job, a promotion, or a pay rise, then you are likely to be the winner in the competition. What a Microservices certification generally can’t do is get you a job in the given field if you don’t have relevant work experience to back it up. If this is the case, work on personal projects that can demonstrate your practical experience to help you land that first role.

Microservices certifications give you an advantage–but they aren’t a magic bullet. It’s your experience, background, and personality that will help you go furthest in your career–although certification can certainly give you a salary boost that you wouldn’t have otherwise!

How to choose the right Microservices certification ?

Wondering where to start when gaining your Microservices credentials?

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you pick:

  • What experience do you have with Microservices and in the field? 
  • What area are you currently working in?
  • Where do your interests lie?
  • Where do you want your career to go?
  • What is your employer focusing on now and in the future?

There are 3 levels of Microservices certification. The most basic being ‘Foundational’, followed by ‘Associate’, and then ‘Professional’.

If you are student or a faculty or if you are relatively new to Microservices, then choosing the Microservices “Foundational” certification is a good choice for a first certification, and it also takes significantly less time and financial investment than higher level certs.

Either work your way along the Foundational - Associate – Professional path, or jump in at any point if you think you have the knowledge. The choice is yours.

Microservices certification prerequisites

As a rule of thumb, you can complete Foundational exams with minimal practical experience, Associate exams with 1+ years experience, Professional exams with 2+ years experience (although some require less). These certification exams do not have any mandatory prerequisites, these are merely suggestions.

Best way to prepare for Microservices certification exams

There are many different ways to do training for Microservices exams, however the best one for you personally will always be subjective. Are you a book learner? Prefer lecture videos? In-person learning modules?

Personally, we feel that the best learning is by getting hands-on experience with the various Microservices topics covered in certification exams. Our number one tip, therefore, is to go through the Modern Solutions Hub course which has exciting material & projects to give you hands-on experience.

We also recommend sitting for a practice exam before starting on a course of study in order to identify the areas you need to focus on. These are just tips however and won’t necessarily work for everyone. It is important to choose the way you like to learn, and what gets you results.

There are some other learning materials that have been recommended by those who’ve previously sat the Microservices exams which have been mentioned in the certification sections below:

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