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Microservices foundation certification


The Microservices Foundation Certification is perfect for people just starting out on their Microservices journey, who want to start from the very basics and build up from there.

This certification covers fundamentals of Microservices such as:

  • History of Microservices

  • Microservices Essentials

  • Monolithic vs SOA vs Microservices architecture

  • Design considerations

  • Distributed architecture and Microservices

  • The 12-factor App methodology

  • Microservices Development

  • Microservices frameworks and programming languages

  • Microservices packaging and deployment

  • Microservices Testing types and strategies

Exam Overview:

Level: Foundational

Length: 60 minutes to complete the exam

Cost: Refer pricing options below

Format: 80 questions, either multiple choice or multiple response

Passing marks: 70

Delivery method: Online proctored exam

Prerequisite courses: None

Recommended practical experience: None

Microservices Foundation certification Exam

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Microservices Foundation certification Exam + E-book

Enroll in this option if you want to:

1) Download the E-book and study it.

2) Take the certification exam once your study is over.

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