NextGen Faculty Development Masterclass

An advanced master class from IT Industry experts for faculties to transform them as NextGen Leaders.

Rs. 8000/- per person
Discounted price Rs. 2800/- per person

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NextGen Faculty Development Masterclass

An advanced master class from IT Industry experts for faculties to transform them as NextGen Leaders.

Rs. 8000/- per person
Discounted price Rs. 2800/- per person

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NextGen Faculty Development Masterclass Promise

Value for Time

This workshop is a very effective way of explaining to you what really matters to you.

Value for Money

This workshop is a combination of low cost, high quality and hands-on experience to explain to you what is required to become a smart NextGen faculty.

Cost Effective

You will get real experience, in-depth knowledge about what the IT industry wants and how you acquire it in a smart way without costing you a lot of money.


Right IT experts to provide you with the right coaching and direction.

Typical challenges faced by Faculties

As a Faculty, I want to know :

  • Where can I seek the right guidance to get practical and real IT Industry experience? 
  • How do I become a smart IT professional to deliver value to students? 
  • Where is the IT industry going and how is it relevant to faculty and students? 
  • What type of modern technology trends are there? 
  • What and how exactly major and complex projects are executed in IT industry? 
  • How do we explain the syllabus content with real world examples? 
  • How can we innovate to improve the performance of the students and college? 
  • How do I get real hands-on experience while I am teaching? 
  • How do I get the best opportunities to work on Industry projects while I am teaching? 
  • There are so many certifications, which is best for me as a faculty?

And many more of such challenges are being faced by faculties worldwide.

We as IT Industry experts have connected with, trained and transformed several faculties, colleges & universities across the globe, so we know their situation and the challenges they face.

How it Works

Here is what you will learn from our course:

Real IT experience based masterclass execution

One on one coaching to the faculties

Faculty internship

Innovation and best practices

Cost effective master class

Modern technologies and frameworks

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4-In-1 Benefits

  • Better – Help you to decide what is better for you 
  • Faster – Provide pathway to get a faster outcome 
  • Cheaper – with affordable low-cost expert guidance & services 
  • Easier – making everything easy for you
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Here’s what you will get with this masterclass

By the end of this masterclass, you will understand:

  • How to become a Smart Leader & Innovator 
  • Modern technologies and frameworks 
  • Proven Best Practices, case studies & continuous improvement frameworks 
  • Education Frameworks & Industry Education practices 
  • Effective Storytelling, Thought Leadership & Digital Transformation 
  • How to bridge the gaps between college and IT industry 
  • Innovation and how to use it for the benefit of yourself, your students and your college 
  • And many more practical tips, examples and new opportunities for growth

About the Instructors

IT industry experts from across the globe who have 20+ years of professional IT experience and have worked on and managed large scale enterprise projects for Fortune 500 companies.

We have conducted many webinars, workshops on a wide range of topics covering the technology space in different universities across the globe. A couple of them have authored several books which are being used by software engineers and Colleges/ Universities.

We have lots of experience in engaging and transforming faculties to Modern and Smart Leaders to address the students needs in an effective and better way. And in turn transform them and help them perform innovations to continuously improve the performance of self, student and your college.

Here’s what you get once you enroll in the course:

  • Help you to decide what is better for you 
  • Connect with IT industry leaders 
  • One on one coaching for complete guidance and hand holding 
  • Capstone project 
  • Chance of getting selected for internship 
  • Course completion certificate

Who is this course for?

  • You are a faculty member and you are currently teaching.
  • You are a faculty member who is looking for more real experience in the IT Industry.

Begin your NextGen Faculty Development Masterclass today!

Rs. 8000/- per student
Discounted price Rs. 2800/- per student

Frequently asked questions

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  • Step5:  Make payment using any convenient payment method (Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, Digital Wallets, UPI)
  • Step6: Get instant access to the course videos
  • You can finish this course in a couple of weeks however, you will have access to videos for 6 months.
  • Our course is open for enrollment at this discounted price for a limited period. Prices will be revised upwards very soon!
  • We are very confident of the quality of our content. If you find that course is not suitable for you, please contact us within 24 hours of your purchase with a request for refund and we will give you 100% refund.

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