A venture by global IT experts that focuses on TRANSFORMATION of Students, Faculties, Colleges, Universities & small, medium, and large size Organizations.

Our Philosophy

Modern Solutions Hub® is a Transformation venture which is founded by IT Industry experts across the globe. For Students, Professors, Colleges, Universities & small, medium, and large size organizations our business offers a wide variety of innovative consulting, coaching & transformation services to help to provide the right pathway to achieve the desired goals of growth. 

Below are our four pillars of innovation for your success:

  • Better – Help you to decide what is better for you 
  • Faster – Provide pathway to get a faster outcome
  • Cheaper – with affordable low-cost expert guidance & services 
  • Easier – making everything easy for you

Our Services

Empowering Excellence through our Services

Transform IT & Non-IT Students 

To make them smart IT professionals as per the emergent demands of Modern IT Industry. We are helping engineering and non-engineering students across the globe to think, to decide what is right for them and how to get and achieve their dream in the IT world. Today all companies across various sectors (Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing etc) are IT enabled. Every year millions of IT professionals are required in the Industry. Many students get a job but many of them struggle to handle it and grow in the right direction. Most students don’t get jobs and lose their hopes despite having the talent. Many students have an entrepreneur inside them but due to lack of guidance and direction it doesn’t come out and the inner entrepreneur gradually dies. Therefore, our mission is to provide the right direction to get the right future to every student through our innovative transformation, coaching and education services which are based on genuine and practical IT industry experience.

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Transform Faculties to become Next-Gen Faculties

So that they provide best in class practical & innovation-oriented education.

We are helping faculties, lecturers, professors, HOD’s and all staff members to transform them from their traditional role to the Next-Gen role which is the need of today’s modern colleges, universities and IT industries.

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Transform Developers to Architects 

So that developers can get the right career enhancement at the right time.

The journey from developer to software architect is a difficult and uncharted path filled with lots of challenges, pitfalls, and confusion.  Many of the developers are unable to focus on the architectural aspects and become isolated from architecture due to their full time focus on development activities and lack of direction and guidance at the right time.

Many developers are passionate about solving complex problems not only from a coding perspective but also from an overall system architecture perspective using microservices, big data , AI/ML, Cloud native architectural solutions.

We are helping thousands of developers by providing the right architectural, technology guidance on their journey of becoming the right software architect.

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Transform Organization into Innovation Hub

Are you struggling to convince key stakeholders within your organization to identify, prioritize and invest in new ideas and business opportunities? Is your company desperate to go for innovation but lacking the innovation capabilities, framework, and governance it needs to innovate? Then ask us about our innovation transformation program.

It has been observed that most of the organizations want to develop innovation capabilities and create a culture of innovation but struggle to drive organizational change and innovation for their benefits. We have enabled small to large scale organizations to design and run innovation programs in innovative ways, embed innovation capabilities, modernize their ways of working, and build forward-thinking innovation cultures. Using our proven methodologies & expertise, we will make innovation a part of your organization’s DNA.

One solution doesn’t fit for all. Every client is different with different goals they want to achieve. We will enable you using our four pillars of innovations to set up an innovation program for you which will be driven by your team. We can enable you to build and coach an internal innovation team, train your executives, develop an innovation playbook and toolkit, or create a long-term innovation transformation program that delivers business results.

Our goal is to ensure you’re not dependent on us. We always aim to build a sustainable, in-house innovation capability. We don’t simply run an accelerator or a design sprint; we ensure these talents stick within your enterprise.

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Our Capabilities

Modern Solutions Hub develops innovation at all levels within colleges, universities, small, medium, and large size organizations combining complementary and specialized competences to help our Clients on their Innovation & Transformation journey to growth and value creation.

Our philosophy is to work with you to transform you and your organization to drive your own success where and when you need it.

We help our Clients to transform. We prepare organizations for change and use innovative personalized solutions to make this happen.

Whether you are a student, faculty, college or university, small or large size organization we provide coaching, solutions & services to help you on your transformation journey.

Through our ELEVATE transformation and Innovation proven framework which consists of Optimization techniques, Industry wide proven best practices, hands-on experience, and 4D model helps you in achieving your transformation goals such as organizational change, digital transformation and making the move to cloud through the right strategy, roadmap, reference architectures, decision matrices, operating model and ecosystem of our partners.

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Highly specialized IT industry experts

The world class certifications of our team ensure the highest standards of training:

We are a group of result oriented, passionate, hands-on experienced people who worked or are working across the globe in the IT industry and reputed companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Accenture, Capgemini, TechMahindra and many more.

We established Modern Solutions Hub so that we can leverage our hands-on experience, proven frameworks, methodologies, best practices for the benefits of students, faculties, colleges, universities, organizations across the globe to transform them as NextGen professionals and help them in their growth.

Client Testimonials

Saket Kolishetty

Data Engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed the 'International Student to Smart IT Professional' masterclass. It helped me a lot to decide the right career path and right technology stack relevant to my area of interest. It not only helped me to clear my campus interview and get a job but also helped me to work as a smart professional in my current organization. I sincerely recommend this masterclass for all engineering students.

M Saisha

Software Engineer

I joined a company a year ago through campus. I then started working on a project and was finding it difficult to handle technical and project challenges. I attended the 'International Student to Smart IT Professional' masterclass from Modern Solutions Hub team of global IT experts and it really helped me learn how to navigate project situations and challenges and really boosted my confidence. Now I feel very confident about handling all project situations which in turn has also helped me to get a good salary increment.

Rohan Borse

Engineering Student

During my engineering education, I was always tensed about my career path as well as upskilling. My friend recommended this 'International Student to Smart IT Professional' masterclass from Modern Solutions Hub team of global IT experts and it completely transformed my professional life. I improved my technology and soft skills and thus got great confidence to get a better job once I completed my education.

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