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Cloud Computing Foundation certification

A Cloud Computing Foundation Certification is a valuable addition to your professional portfolio, demonstrating your expertise in the dynamic world of cloud technology. As enterprises worldwide transition from traditional infrastructure to cloud-based solutions, having this certification can distinguish you and provide a competitive advantage in your career. Moreover, it equips you with the skills and knowledge to tackle exciting cloud computing projects at renowned organizations.

At Modern Solutions Hub, we are dedicated to supporting your journey in mastering Cloud Computing concepts. Our team of global IT experts is here to guide you through the learning process.

In this section, we will delve into the Cloud Computing Foundation Certification path, including the suitable certifications, prerequisite experience, recommended courses and study materials, associated costs, and more.

What is a Cloud Computing Foundation certification?

A Cloud Computing Foundation Certification is a way to validate your technical knowledge and proficiency in the Cloud Computing fundamentals.

Certification exams cover a wide range of experience levels, starting from absolute beginner all the way through to expert level exams that will challenge even those who have been working with Cloud Computing for many years.

Once you pass our online certification exam, you will receive a badge that you can proudly display on your LinkedIn profile, CV, or any platform of your choice.

Why get Cloud Computing certified ?

Cloud Computing certifications rank consistently among the highest paid IT certifications worldwide. Here are some compelling reasons to pursue a Cloud Computing Foundation Certification:

• Cloud Computing enablement: Cloud Computing helps you to acquire solid foundational knowledge about Cloud Computing which would be useful across AWS/Azure/GCP/OCI clouds 

• Rising Demand: Cloud computing is gaining substantial traction in the IT industry, especially with the increasing popularity of cloud-native applications across various sectors.

• Better Job Opportunities: IT professionals who attain a new certification significantly enhance their prospects of landing high-paying job roles.

• Improved Work Quality: 61% of professionals agree that certification enhances the quality of their work.

By obtaining a Cloud Computing certification, you unlock a world of job opportunities, higher salaries, and greater influence within your role.

For employers, having certified employees adds value to their team and presents stronger credentials when engaging with new clients.

How long does Cloud Computing certification take ?

The duration of certification preparation varies depending on your current proficiency in cloud computing. 
Even if you work with cloud technology regularly, it's recommended to review the appropriate learning materials or take our online courses to fill any knowledge gaps.
We suggest dedicating approximately 10 hours to prepare for the certification.

Career prospects after Cloud Computing certification

A Cloud Computing certification is designed to provide you with a competitive edge in your career. When you're competing for a new job, a promotion, or a pay increase against a similar candidate who lacks certification, you're likely to be the preferred choice. 

However, it's important to note that a certification alone might not secure you a job in the field if you lack relevant work experience. In such cases, focus on personal projects that demonstrate your practical expertise and help you secure that initial role.

While certification offers numerous advantages, it's your experience, background, and personality that will propel you farthest in your career. Nonetheless, certification can certainly boost your earning potential in a way that might not be achievable otherwise.

Cloud computing certification prerequisites

As a general guideline, Foundational exams can be completed by attending our on-line Cloud Computing Foundation Certification course.

Best way to prepare for Cloud Computing certification exam

There are many different ways to do training for Cloud Computing certification exams, however the best one for you personally will always be subjective. Are you a book learner? Prefer lecture videos? In-person learning modules?

Personally, we feel that the best learning approach is by attending a vendor neutral Cloud computing course for absolute beginners and getting acquainted with the basic topics required for the exam. Our number one tip, therefore, is to go through the Modern Solutions Hub course which has exciting material to give you the right boost in your preparation for the Cloud Computing Foundation certification exam.

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